1. I came across your blog just by chance. I am not a "mad monarchist" myself, but your walls reminded me of my grandmother and your articles are very interesting and passionate.
    What I am like you is "the old fashioned sort who thinks that the wedding is supposed to come before the baby announcements". a dying breed on that front.
    From Argentina (never a monarchy),

    1. Thanks for reading, and your compliments. Most republicans who leave comments are not terribly polite about it. Alas, loyalty to hereditary chiefs is not the only traditional value that has fallen out of favor in the last century. My view on family values is decidedly old fashioned (and I'm not old, just grew up rather isolated from the 'wicked world') and there is not much around these days on that front that impresses me. Anyway, thanks for checking in and a Hola! to all me hermanos Argentinos ...
      a monarchy for 300 years ;-)

  2. i Love monarchies but i am half Monarchist half Republican due to the Corrupt nation i live in God Save the Queen

  3. Dieu et Son Sacré Coeur Vous garde +

    Mon Dieu et Mon Droit +

    Sursum Corda

    Continuez +

  4. Michiko *-*!!
    I like your blog so much! I'm not a passionate about all monarchy, but the imperial japanese family is an exception--- (:
    You got a fan! ^u^
    From Perú, an old kind of monarchy XD

    1. Any admirer of the Japanese monarchy has impeccable taste ;-)
      I would add though that Peru was probably the most royalist country in South America at the time of the revolutions and even several of the most prominent independence leaders were monarchists (like Jose de San Martin).

  5. Hi Mad Monarchist, do you think that the demise of the monarchies is caused by the Illuminati and the Free masonry?


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